Hello and welcome to Juvelarto Designs! I'm Margaret, the designer and maker of Juvelarto Designs.

I grew up in the vibrant valleys of Tucson, Arizona, soaking in the environment of the opalescent sunsets, monsoon aromas, the sweltering golden heat of summer and Mexican food so incredible & satisfying, you forget about that heat!

I pursued ceramic sculpture and metalsmithing in my drawn-out college years and have roamed around the country from Oregon to NYC to make a living in this industry. I have designed and produced work for jewelry companies, large and small, carried by Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Sundance Catalog.

Now that I have returned home to Tucson, I'm seeing how all these moments and experiences have led up to the creation of Juvelarto Designs. I have found immense freedom, fulfillment and responsibility in designing collections of my own and owing my own business.

The styles coming from Juvelarto Designs are pieces that reflect my love for metal and appreciation for the Sonoran Desert. Each piece is designed and handmade by me.

All Juvelarto Designs are meant to bring great joy to the wearer!



We at Juvelarto Designs are committed to social justice reform and racial & gender equality. 
We believe Black Lives Matter, that no human being is illegal, Climate Crisis is real, Women's rights are human rights, we believe in equality for the LGBTQ community and Love = Love!
We pledge to show up and invest in the people who have been marginalized by corrupt systems and we will make efforts to lift them up, take them into our hearts and offer them service and restoration as well as reconnection and community.
We value Black and Indigenous Peoples History & Futures and we feel unlearning, relearning and participating in the reworking of these subjects are essential to the survival and growth of our human story. 
Each quarter Juvelarto Designs will contribute 11% of website sales to a group or individual who represents, promotes and uplifts these same values. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or collaborations.
Thank you.