Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth


Juvelarto's hand-made brass and silver jewelry requires upkeep, just as other pieces made of brass or silver do (such as candleholders or silverware) That upkeep starts with cleaning your jewelry over the years and treating it with care. 


Brass and Silver are sensitive to chemicals, but can also react to air and water and skin oils. Oxidization occurs which results in a tarnish or patina on the surface of the metal that keeps it from looking gleaming and bright.

The oxidation process acts as a protective coating or patina on its exterior to prevent further corrosion or damage, so it's not a bad thing!

These metals understand self-care : )


For you to refresh and renew your jewelry, use this small white pad and yellow polishing cloth, often called a "sunshine" cloth to polish and wipe away the patina. These cloths contain a very mild abrasive agent that assists in removing the oxidation, while leaving a polished surface.


I recommend placing your jewelry on a sturdy flat surface (with cloth/paper protection for surface if necessary)

Make sure any moving or parallel parts are not going to be pressed on too hard or they could deform 

Use medium pressure to press pad to remove patina stains, then use cloth to rub evenly overmetal to bring out the shine

Once patina is removed, wash jewelry with just water or gentle soap and water and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Drying thoroughly is essential because any moisture left (especially on the brass) will cause patina stains. This is the main reason you should not store or leave jewelry out in the bathroom.

If you make it a point to clean your jewelry every few months, it will stay bright and shiny year round!

I find solid metals to be of higher value because they last and last with simple polishing. They have no gilded layer to shed or lose - and that is a motto I can get behind!